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Twitter’s Three-day Rule

Twitter's Three-day Rule
Twitter’s Three-day Rule

Twitter’s Three-day Rule

Do you use social media much? Whether you do or don’t, you might still be unaware of Twitter’s three-day rule. Twitter has always professed to be anti-spam, but most users find their idea of security a sick joke, because it is automated and their stupid bots trap the innocent and the guilty alike.

For example, I can honegets blocked by stly say that I try hard not to spam or break their rules. However, Twitter’s spam bots blocks me, or one of my accounts, at least six times a year. Blocking like this means that you have to appeal. This can be a lengthy process, which is one of the reasons why I have more than one account. You can speed the process up if you give Twitter your phone number. However, I don’t have one, and I refuse to buy a phone just to satisfy them.

Anyway, in answer to accusations that Twitter has been used to influence recent elections, Twitter has come up with the three-day rule.

Twitter’s Three-day Rule Sentence

Basically, Twitter’s Three-day Rule states that one may not post the same Tweet more than once in three days no matter how many accounts one has.

I think I may have broken this rule last week, although I didn’t know about it then, and so one of my accounts is in Twitter jail.

There is no appeal. Their literature states that the jail term is indeterminate, but one supposes commensurate with the crime. However, they will not discuss individual cases, and say that they cannot reverse their spam bots’ decisions…

Nobody warned me about Twitter’s Three-day Rule, or maybe they did but it didn’t pass my spam filter – who knows? However, it seems like using a sledgehammer to frack a nut, especially since it is impossible to reach everyone in an account by Tweeting once every three days.

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