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English to Spanish in Twenty-Four Hours

My wife and I want to live in Spain for a while. I am British, so that is no problem for me, but my wife is Thai, and the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok seems to take great delight in obfuscating our right to go there together.

I can easily understand that the Spanish authorities need authenticated Spanish translations of any documentary evidence that we may rely on when applying for residency (Residencia) in Spain, and so, to accomplish that end, we searched for translation bureaux in Pattaya, but found none that could translate from Thai to Spanish, so I had them translated into English first to make it easier.

However, there is no-one there who can do that either (an opening for someone, perhaps?). So, we went to Bangkok, but most of them centred around the embassies, which were located a very long way from us. They were also expensive and required three days to translate a few hundred words.

That is what I call a rip-off.

They know that Spanish translators are in short supply so they milk the situation for all it’s worth.

So, I had a beer and a think, and turned to Fiverr for help. I checked out several translators on there and settled on one. The danger is, of course, that somebody will just run your document through an automatic, on line translator like Babelfish or Google, and they normally come out gobbledygook, and if you don’t speak the language, how would you know, until the authority that requires your document bursts out laughing?

So, with that in mind, I sent my documents off. I only had to  wait a maximum of twenty-four hours and the total cost was $5.

The one document was perfect first time. The second was difficult to format as it resembled a questionnaire, but the company tried again and I was very happy with the result.

I have one more document for them, our marriage certificate, and I am confident that these guys will make a great job of it.

So, if you need a very competent translation done in double-quick time, try this firm.

They are magic!

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