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Tiger Lily 2

Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London

Tiger Lily 2


Many of you will know that I have been writing ‘Tiger Lily 2’ – the sequel to ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’ recently, well, this post is just to announce it’s arrival.

Tiger Lily 2 or ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London’ to give it its full title is a sequel, but it is not necessary to have read the first volume to read this one.

In this much-requested follow-up, Lily has moved to London to continue her studies at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in central London.

She thoroughly loves her work with the staff and the children there and she fits in well, although she doesn’t make any friends that she can socialise with outside working hours.

On one of her day’s off, she is reading the Sunday Times, when one of its feature articles incenses her.

Old Demons from the past begin to haunt her again causing her to start throwing kitchen knives around her apartment out of rage and indignation.

Will Lily be able to regain control of herself, or is she bound for another mission?

Read the first chapter free on this site here:

Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London

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