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The Heat Is On

Owen Jones sweltering in the heat
Owen Jones sweltering in the heat


The Heat Is On

It looks as if I’m going to get a longer sentence in the doghouse than normal. This is the second day and no sign of a reprieve yet. I just got shouted at for locking the house up when I came out because she had forgotten her keys. The heat is too much for all this nonsense, although it might be the cause of it.

In Thailand, the government injects dogs against the worst of the summer heat because it makes them irritable and so more likely to fight, bite or bark

It helps if you can see the funny side of things as long as they don’t catch you with a smile on your face when you’re supposed to be suffering.

Sales are picking up. That helps too, but they are not stellar, although February and March have always been under-achievers in my five years of figures. One shining star is the Australian market. Last year, I sold to the value of $35 AUD in the whole of the year, whereas I have beaten that every month this year so far. Precisely why that should be, I don’t know, but perhaps Aussies bought their Amazon books through and .com, whereas now they have their own

Or perhaps they bought through the expanded distribution channels which pay authors a pittance. Whatever, I like it this way and hope to see an soon.

A man I know with a busy bookshop in Pattaya has asked me to supply him with copies of some of my books because they are quite popular there. He says that other writers do it, but I have no idea where I could source a supply of books like that that would make it worthwhile. At the moment, I buy mine from CreateSpace like everyone else. Anybody got any ideas?

It has been another roasting-hot day, 38c, in the Land of Smiles, but I think it was hotter than that. I could hardly breathe when I came out for a beer at four o’clock and the heat was shimmering like a haze.

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