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The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

by M.K. Graff

Review by Barry Boy

The Golden Hour by M.K. Graff is a novel written in the third person belonging to the genre of fiction mystery/thriller. Others might call it a cosy mystery, but so are the vagaries of the book classification system. It is set in current times in England, the UK, although the main protagonist, Nora Tierny is American – a writer by profession, and the heroine of a series of novels that is entitled the ‘Nora Tierney English Mysteries’, of which there are now four.

When the story opens, we meet Nora walking her infant son, Sean. She has the strange feeling that she is being followed, but she cannot think of a single reason why that should be so. The mystery deepens as we meet her friends and lover in different locations around the UK – places that really do exist for anybody who wants to follow her journeys on a map.

When the restorer of a famous painting dies of a dangerous disease that was thought to have been eradicated decades before – especially in Europe – Nora’s boyfriend, Declan, a Detective Inspector in the Criminal Investigation Department of the British police force, becomes involved.

Other events take place around Nora and Declan, but they seem to be unrelated, although they all serve to deepen the mystery and increase the suspense.

The Golden Hour has twists and surprises aplenty – enough to keep any armchair sleuth guessing right to the end!

The Golden Hour has been extremely well edited, and I found the title to be intriguing when I picked up the book, but it is relevant to the story and Miss Graff explains why during the tale. I thoroughly enjoyed The Golden Hour by M.K. Graff and will read other novels in the series, since it seems to me that the novels in the series are stand-alone stories.

I give The Golden Hour five out of five stars – well done Ms. Graff!

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