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Thai Food in Fuengirola

Thai Food in Fuengirola
Thai Food in Fuengirola

Thai Food in Fuengirola

I have been living and eating Thai food in Fuengirola for about a year, so I know the place fairly well. I also love Thai food. In fact, I lived in Thailand for thirteen years with my Thai wife and her family in a small, rice-farming village in the north.

So far, I have discovered four fully or partly Thai restaurants in Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

Mr Noodles: cooks some types of Thai food and Thai noodles from what I have seen, although I have not eaten there yet, because noodles are not my favourite food.

Padthaiwok: is located in the same street, opposite the bus station, as Mr. Noodles. It seems to be mostly noodles again, and so I have not eaten there, but my Thai wife has and she liked it. I did notice that they do not provide pork there and that it is Halal.

Srithai: is about two hundred yards opposite Padthaiwad in ‘Fish Alley’. I have eaten there and loved the food. I can vouch for the fact that it is authentic. The staff are very friendly too.

Thai Lanna: this restaurant is located in Los Boliches. I have eaten here too and it is my favourite in the area. The food is fantastic and the decor made my wife cry one day when she was feeling particularly homesick.

I have been told that there is another in Los Boliches on beach road near the border with Fuengirola. My wife went looking for it one evening, but failed to find it.

The other thing that I want to say about the above restaurants is that the staff are either mostly or completely Thai. The waiters are often local, but the cooks are Thai.

Give them a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

** Breaking news! There is now a Thai home catering service active in Fuengirola and Los Boliches. I have tried their food too and it is authentic and delicious Thai cuisine cooked by Thai ladies. They will either cook for you in your home or pub for your special occasion or cook in their homes and deliver it. See Thai Home Catering Services in Fuengirola on Facebook: **

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