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The Lek Series

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance Site maintenance is an important part of any webmaster’s duties and has to be taken seriously, but it is not usually an onerous task. However, in the last thirty days or so, two of the largest players on the Internet, Google and Amazon have decided to force everyone to make huge alterations to […]

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The Lek Series

Teachers’ Uses for PLR

Teachers’ Uses for PLR A couple of years ago, when work was slack and I was looking for ways of making some extra money, I was nearly forced into teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I was only dreading it because teaching would not suit my temperament and I live in rural Thailand. Living in a

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Authorship and Self-Publishing

Blog Updates

Blog Updates This month has certainly been one for blog updates! Having closed twenty-four web sites to avoid having to update the hundreds of Amazon links on them, I now have to showcase my PLR ebooks elsewhere, and that will be on this website. In fact, I have already made a good start on the

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The Lek Series

Change of Tactics

Change of Tactics I have come up with a change of tactics. In amongst all the other things I’ve been doing with regard to my websites, I have been re-reading (you could call it re-editing) books I’ve previously written at a rate of about three or four chapters a day, with the idea of bringing

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The Lek Series

Link Upgrades

Link Upgrades I started my link upgrades last night, but I’ll come back to that later. Two other things happened as well: I closed my Aweber account and I got kicked out of a writers’ group. The first is an autoresponder for sending out messages at regular intervals, say to a list of people who

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