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iTunes – Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones

Tunes – Apple is now stocking 70+ professional audiobook narrations of Welsh author from Barry, Owen Jones’ 300+ novels and translations that are available as ebooks elsewhere on iTunes – Apple. Psychological dramas set in many locations.

Dead Centre - Press Release

Dead Centre – Press Release

This is the Press Release for ‘Dead Centre’, the action-thriller by Owen Jones. It contains a review and metadata about the book, the reviewer and its source. Please feel free to reproduce it.

Final Preparations for the UK

Non-English Books

Non-English Books For My Blog I run this blog as an author who writes and sells books, but I have never written or tried to sell any non-English books. How would I go about it? Not the writing, I have learned seven languages to a high standard, although I am now rusty. However, I wouldn’t …

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A Night In Annwn

A Milestone

A Milestone Today was a pretty good day, a milestone, you could say. I finished my NaNoWriMo 2015 entry, A Night in Annwn, a fortnight ahead of schedule and I finished editing the sixth volume, The Dream, in the Lek series Behind The Smile. I also have a novel of eighty thousand words called Andropov’s …

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