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Spamming YouTube

Spamming YouTube YouTube is owned by Google, which I will admit right up front is not one of my favourite companies. In my opinion, Google behaves like most bad, bossy fathers, demanding that you do as they say, not as they do, if you want to do business with them. I also suspect that they

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The Lek Series

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance Site maintenance is an important part of any webmaster’s duties and has to be taken seriously, but it is not usually an onerous task. However, in the last thirty days or so, two of the largest players on the Internet, Google and Amazon have decided to force everyone to make huge alterations to

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Search Engines - is Google always the best?

Search Engines

Search Engines I should imagine that if I asked a hundred people, which is the best search engine, at least ninety percent would say Google, but how many of them ever consider using other search engines? Google has done such a tremendous job of PR that it now attracts at least 85% of search queries.

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Final Preparations for the UK

Google Bias and Blacklisting

Google Bias and Blacklisting If you are still not convinced that there is such a thing as Google Bias and Blacklisting, there is a simple test that you can try. In May 2016, I wrote an article for my blog called ‘Living in Remote Thailand’. Today, I noticed in my logs that my blog had been

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British Bureaucracy

British Bureaucracy

British Bureaucracy My Thai wife and I arrived back in the UK for the first time in five years last Wednesday, so our first encounter with British bureaucracy was at Rhoose airport’s immigration. My wife was coming in on a five-year Spanish Residency Card, and the official had never seen an Asian with one before.

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Piracy and Google

Piracy and Google If you make anything that becomes successful, you can expect it to be copied sooner or later. In the case of physical goods, it can take a while to set up the plant and machinery to produce those copies and the contacts to sell them through. However, there is also the theft

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Buying Likes

Buying Likes and Other Social Indicators All of us who have web sites, which includes blogs, want visitors to read them, and leave ‘Likes’. I think that that goes without saying, even if the webmaster is not trying to earn commission or sell something. What is the point of writing if no-one is going to

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