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Soi Nana – Sukhumvit Soi 4 – Fun or Frightening?

Soi Nana, aka Sukhumvit Soi 4, is located in the heart of what most foreign tourists would call Bangkok’s Red Light District.

Tiger Lily Of Bangkok – Prowling Avenger!

Tiger Lily of Bangkok – The Prowling Avenger is a deadly assassin who hunts the streets looking for victims. She is looking for revenge on paedophiles!

Bangkok Red Light District

Bangkok Red Light District

Most people who know Bangkok, would say that the Bangkok Red Light District is centred around Soi Nana, but it is bigger than that.

The Lek Series


Doldrums The weather reminds me of the stories of the doldrums on the Equator… Another forty-sixer today, but forty-seven yesterday!  I forgot to report our plight. As we approach the Summer Equinox, though, we have gained an hour or daylight over not so long ago with another thirty minutes to come by June 21st. ∞ …

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