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Behind The Smile – What Else?

Behind The Smile – What Else? A smile makes people feel good, but could there be something else behind the smile sometimes? Deceit or danger?

Welsh Writer’s Top 5 Tips

Welsh Writer Gives Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Writers. Welsh writer Owen Jones gives his top five tips to aspiring writers.

To People Who Want To Sell Books

Selling your book as an author is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to success!

Our Garden Fish Pond

I am hoping that our new garden fish pond will be an area of cool relaxation, tranquillity and delight for us, which will be great for writing. I could do with that as I have not written much over the last few years due a lack of stability in my life and a disappointing drop in sales, which could be the result of a culture shift brought on by Covid 19.

Indie Book Sales 2021

This article concern our opinion on indie book sales in 2021 for most of the indie authors and the indie book market as a whole

Virtual Assistant

“So, my fellow authors, beware of a sweet-talking virtual assistant, because they can ruin your business and leave you with nothing, while they can always find another mug to milk”.


Are Indie Authors Their Own Worst Enemies?

Are Indie authors there own worst enemies? Have they unwittingly priced themselves out of the market because they don’t understand how Amazon makes money? Read on to find out…

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services is available in several formats for writers and other artists to make their work more widely known

Free Books on Amazon

Free Books on Amazon

Free Books and Amazon I started a page on this blog called Free Books and, needless to say, it is very popular, receiving well over three hundred views a day. ‘Free’ is an extremely powerful word, so that is not surprising in itself. What does surprise many people is Amazon’s attitude towards free books. In …

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PLR Can Be Useful for Authors

PLR Can Be Useful for Authors

How PLR Can Be Useful for Authors PLR can be very useful to authors, because they are such good writers. That may sound rather odd, but sometimes you just want to put content on a site without having to do all the leg work. If you can trust the source of your PLR, this gives …

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Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club Have you caught the recent bug for audiobooks? Or is it audio books? The trend is so new that the jury is still out on the nomenclature, but I am going to use ‘audiobooks’ until it becomes ridiculous to continue to do so. Enter Megan’s Free Audiobook Club! Anyway, I didn’t even …

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Kindle vs Book

Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon Book Reviews My take on the recent controversy regarding Amazon book reviews is that Amazon seems to be disregarding the modern trend in the book reader-writer relationship. In the ‘old days’, readers were not encouraged to form any type of relationship with their favourite writers, who mostly liked to maintain an image of cool …

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