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Travel PLR Ebook

Do you run a travel blog, whether it is full of your own experiences or it is an affiliate marketing site doesn’t really matter. An active blog needs several new articles a week to keep the search engines happy, to hold or improve your Page rank.

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The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing

The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing

The Internet has been around for more than twenty-five years now, but there are still a lot of novice or would-be sales people who don’t realise that Internet marketing is basically the same as any other type of marketing, except that you have more possibilities and that it can be cheaper.

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The Lek Series

Teachers’ Uses for PLR

Teachers’ Uses for PLR A couple of years ago, when work was slack and I was looking for ways of making some extra money, I was nearly forced into teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I was only dreading it because teaching would not suit my temperament and I live in rural Thailand. Living in a

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Sad Times

Uses for PLR

Uses for PLR Articles Maybe you are not sure what Private Label Rights Articles, commonly called PLR, are, so let’s ensure that we are talking about the same thing here. Private Label Rights Articles are articles that you hold the right to publish as your own, but which were written by someone else. The right

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PLR Can Be Useful for Authors

PLR Articles and The Self-Employed

PLR Articles and The Self-Employed In this piece on PLR articles and the self-employed, we will choose a specific trades-person, say a carpenter, but the same principles apply equally well to any other self-employed tradesman or professional, such as computer engineer, lawyer and even dentist. The basic concept is to use PLR articles that you

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