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The Lek Series

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance Site maintenance is an important part of any webmaster’s duties and has to be taken seriously, but it is not usually an onerous task. However, in the last thirty days or so, two of the largest players on the Internet, Google and Amazon have decided to force everyone to make huge alterations to …

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Free Books on Amazon

Free Books on Amazon

Free Books and Amazon I started a page on this blog called Free Books and, needless to say, it is very popular, receiving well over three hundred views a day. ‘Free’ is an extremely powerful word, so that is not surprising in itself. What does surprise many people is Amazon’s attitude towards free books. In …

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Reviews of Books on Amazon

Reviews of Books on Amazon

The Reviews of Books on Amazon I have been with Amazon for a relatively very long time – since a few weeks after it started, I think, but I can’t help thinking the the people at the top  – the ones running the firm (that might not include Jeff Bezos, the guy who set it up) are …

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Beware Amazon Book Rankings!

Beware Amazon Book Rankings! If you are a reader, or a writer, you probably use Amazon book rankings at some time or another. Even if you are a bookshop owner’s dream and buy your latest reads locally, the chances are that you do your research online and, therefore, on Amazon. And why wouldn’t you? ‘What …

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Piracy and Google

Piracy and Google If you make anything that becomes successful, you can expect it to be copied sooner or later. In the case of physical goods, it can take a while to set up the plant and machinery to produce those copies and the contacts to sell them through. However, there is also the theft …

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The Lek Series

Link Upgrades

Link Upgrades I started my link upgrades last night, but I’ll come back to that later. Two other things happened as well: I closed my Aweber account and I got kicked out of a writers’ group. The first is an autoresponder for sending out messages at regular intervals, say to a list of people who …

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Watching Logs

  Watching Logs I think Amazon has stopped speaking to me. In their last email, two days ago, they said that if we vendors wanted our prices to take account of VAT, we would have to put our prices up accordingly. Judging from the tone of their communications, I think they hoped that no-one would …

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