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Sultan Kebab Shop

Sultan Kebab Shop

Sultan Kebab Shop
Sultan Kebab Shop

Sultan Kebab Shop – Fuengirola

The Sultan Kebab shop is situated in Calle Jacinto Benavente, which is the street running to the beach opposite the bus station in Fuengirola, but is at the beach end, fifty metres from beach road, opposite the Zig-Zag Bar, which I have written about elsewhere on this blog.

The lady we see working there most often is named Couta, and she is from Morocco. She is one of the most friendly Arab women that I have ever met – she took to my wife instantly, although they do not speak each other’s language.

They try to get by in English and have fun doing that, but she taught me some Moroccan (Arabic?) too.

‘Beslemma’, which means something like ‘Until the next time’.

The Sultan Kebab does not offer a lot of choice, but we have tried the beef and the chicken kebabs and they were large and filling. The best kebabs I have ever eaten, and far better than the Turkish kebabs back home, which seem to be made from pressed meat, perhaps lamb, that more resembles reclaimed scraps.

If you are staying in Fuengirola, you could do a lot worse than have an evening out in the Zig-Zag bar, and then cross the road to buy a couple of kebabs to take home.

If you do, tell Couta that you read about The Sultan Kebab on this website.

The Sultan Kebab Shop, Calle Jacinto Benavente, Fuengirola.


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