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Soi Nana: Bangkok’s Red Light District

Soi Nana: Bangkok's Red Light District
Soi Nana: Bangkok’s Red Light District

Soi Nana: Bangkok’s Red Light District

It is not only in, but Soi Nana is what most people call Bangkok’s Red Light District. However, not only sex tourists want to stay here. Thrill-seekers love it and so do those looking for visas, because many of the Embassies are within walking distance of it, including the British, American, Spanish and Swiss Embassies.

My wife and I have stayed here four times, three for visas and once for pleasure.

Swan Inn II

However, this is our first visit to the small Swan Inn II further down the street (soi), about fifteen minutes from the action. That may not sound far, but most visitors like to have it going on all around them.

This is the hottest year since 1958, and it will remain like this with temperatures around 45-50c – until the monsoon comes, which is traditionally in mid-May, although with the climate changes, it has been a month late. That would never have happened until the last decade. Thai weather has been predictable for centuries and more.

The natural heat, combined with the traffic fumes and omnipresent dust, half of which one presumes is powered dog crap, is becoming normal. Luckily, irascibility and road rage barely exist over here, except among the foreigners. Thais look on aloof, accustomed to bearing everything that comes their way, seeing it as part of their Karma. And that, as all Buddhists know, just has to be taken in one’s stride.


And Thais are good at doing that, if they are left to just get on with their lives.

Interrupt them in that occupation at your peril though, because there is a lot of pent-up rage born of frustration waiting to get out of most (poor) Thais. If you don’t believe me, look at the video of how they treated those Brits in Hua Hin, although from what I saw the Brits started it.

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