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Six Nations European Rugby Championships

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Six Nations European Rugby Championships

Ireland won the Six Nations European Rugby Championships yesterday and you should have heard the way it was reported on the BBC World Service. ‘Ireland won despite England’s thrilling game…’ or something like that. Yes, they played a thrilling game, but so did the other five nations.

However, Ireland won. For an impartial broadcaster, the BBC is purely English.

Luckily, I won’t get to read the sob stories in the English press. Nevertheless, just for the sake of completeness, I did check the Daily Mail online, but it is still banned here, and the Daily Mirror, in which there was a tiny story about two feet down the blog, under a story about England losing.

I am not anti-English, but it is easy to see why many in the provinces are, when you see things like that.

My VAT discussion with Amazon is still on-going. I cannot make them see that if I price my books the easy way, based on the U.S. prices, I lose out. They say that they add the tax to the converted U.S. price tag, but if that’s the case why do I earn less? Something is definitely wrong in their calculations and it is not in our favour.

I have been listening to Harry Secombe read his autobiography all week, and he revealed that since a child he could choose what he wanted to dream about as easily as choosing a video in a store. It reminded me that I used to be able to do that as well, but I had forgotten. I must try it again soon.

While on the subject of dreams, I was telling a friend that in my dreams, I walk as I do when awake, but when I run in a dream, I drop to all fours and bound like a dog. She said that she did too. Neither of us had ever heard anyone else say that in our combined eighty years of existence.

Funny, isn’t it? How about you?

It will be Songkhran in three weeks time. It is the festival that most Thais prefer. It celebrates the old Thai New Year on 14th April and lasts three days in our village and in most other places, but a week or longer in others. If you ever think of coming over, it is a good time, but so is your winter when it will be about 20c here.



Podcast: Six Nations European Rugby Championships

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