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Site Upgrades

Site Upgrades

Site Upgrades

I’m fully aware that this talk about site upgrades and link updates might be really boring to many of you, but the topic is taking up so much of my time these days that I am not getting many other experiences. Imagine having to do this all the time so that the only book you were qualified to write had to be on link updates and site upgrades.

The way my life is going, I may fall into that category soon and write my next novel on the upgrade man called ‘Link Updater’. I’ll let you know if I do and you will be the only people in the world who know how it came about.

Anyway, more news about the enforced website upgrade by Google – and it is enforced because if you don’t do it, Google will bury your website so deep in the dung that even you won’t be able to find it again. I was thinking, I don’t have the time to upgrade all my websites to mobile friendliness, so I am going to dump 75 of them leaving me with three.

So, what? You may be thinking, you’ll say at least $750 a year, and there are billions of websites on the Internet. I agree, but I put years of work into those websites – they were ethical and informative, most websites are neither. So, how many other little guys like me are going to dump good websites because of Google’s selfish decision? (It is selfish because Google is doing it to boost sales).

That could severely impact the ratio of crappy sites to good ones and who will lose out? Those who use the Internet for low-level study and research. Namely, kids, students and data freaks like me.

I’ll try to make this my last post on site upgrades for a week to give you a rest.

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