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Site Overview Update

Site Overview Update
Site Overview Update

Site Overview Update:
August 11 2015:
Megan Publishing Services

Quite a lot has been happening at Megan Publishing Services over the last few days culminating in the following changes. Today, I want to report in this Site Overview Update that I finished:

1] transferring dozens of pages of useful information over from the now defunct site: kindle vs book RIP, I had that site for about five years.

2] listing all my books (novels, novellas and PLR niche content – 38 novels etc, and 95 PLR niche content ebooks. A total of 133 books)

3] writing and publishing a new PLR niche content book on teenagers’ second most favourite topic: acne and its  treatment. I also listed it for sale on Kindle, Lulu and Smashwords. This book has not yet been approved (but it will be today), so if you want to get the content for your website, get it first. It is such a common subject that I expect demand for this booklet of 15 x 500-600-word articles to be high. The content has come from one of my own websites that I have just taken down because I no longer have the time for it. The cost is $7.99

**Update: the book went live on Amazon at 1pm: **

4] writing an article on Amazon book reviews which was picked up by ‘Modern Indie Books’ and displayed prominently. In fact it has the joint biggest slot with an article from The Guardian. You can see in on this website or in the paper (today only) here:

5] our new virtual assistants service and received our first enquiry.

That is the end of all the changes that were forced up me to comply with Google and Amazon’s on internal developments, plus a few ideas of my own to centralise the services that I have to offer.

All you busy writers and webmasters, check out the new virtual assistants’ services we offer along with advertising on this site and the PLR content.

While on the subject of this site, in the first ten days of August, it has received more visitors than in the whole of January and June already and is set to be the year-so-far’s top month with a margin of more than 30% over the second month (July) percentage-wise – there have been 49,000 pageviews so far already! (So why not get yourself a banner ad and sell your stuff? Starting at $4.99 p/m with photo).

That concludes the Site Overview Update. What shall I do now? There’s still half the day to go 🙂

All the best,


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