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Selling books

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

People say that one should never judge a book by its cover, how many times have you been given that advice? However, it is widely acknowledged that having a great book cover is the best way of selling books. It seems that people do not heed the ancient advice; and why should they? We judge each other by appearances, even first appearances, every day, so why wouldn’t this apply to every item we are considering, including books.

Only recently, Elon Musk admitted to doing exactly the same, and he is far from being the only one… very far! Not only that, but he is an intelligent person, who has demonstrated his ability in many business ventures such as PayPal, Tesla and Space X – household names!.

I also recently saw a writer asking the question whether it was more important to have a good book cover or to have the book well edited. The overwhelming response on the forum was that if the cover is unappealing then no-one will ever know about the poor editing!

It is simply just true… most people judge by appearances.

Selling Books

Once you realise that, it is obvious what you have to do to have a chance of selling books. To this end, I have started to revamp some of my father’s books… with his permission, of course. I have learned how to make fantastic-looking 3D covers, and even better posters incorporating them!

We are both very proud of these book selling magnets, and are confident that they will increase sales.

Here’s hoping for a bigger share in the book selling market 🙂

PS: If you would like to see whether I can help you too, please get in touch either via the form in the title bar or by searching for my profile on this blog.
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