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Seen Bites Like These?

Seen Bites Like These?Seen Bites Like These?

If you have ever seen bites like these, please say what you think did this to me in the comments box below 🙂

I woke up with them three days ago. These are on my right side, just above my hip and my right hand was also bitten, though the three bites are within a centimetre circumpherence and so, perhaps, the poison was more intense.

The photo of my hand bite is further down below.

I live in Thailand and have never seen anything like this before. My wife is Thai and nor has she. I asked an old lady and she said that it was the bite of a flying insect, which makes me feel better about going to bed, but I want to know what did this to me.

Has anyone ever seen seen bites like these lke this before?

Seen Bites Like These?My wife has suggested cockroaches or a millipede, but she agrees with me that we very rarely see either of these creatures in our house, and we have been here eight years.

One woman said that the bites were dlivered by a ‘flying insect’, but she could not remember the name even in Thai and failed to describe it to my missus.

They are a mystery to every Thai, well, everyone, I know.

All the best,


PS: I put up with the mild pain for two days and then my wife suggested rubbing Aloe vera sap on it. We have several plants in the garden.  I didn’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself, but she rubbed some on. The discolouration halved within an hour, and what you see in the photos above is three hours after the application of that Aloe Vera.


by +Owen Jones

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