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Schengen Visa II

Schengen Visa II
Schengen Visa II

Schengen Visa II

We had to repeat our journey to the Spanish Embassy: five hundred metres on a motorcycle taxi, which took us to the end of our lane, across the busy dual carriageway and down the busy pavement to the taxi rank, where we took a taxi five kilometres or so to the Underground Station, going right across Bangkok before taking another motorcycle taxi for two kilometres against the traffic to Lake Raceda, where the Spanish embassy is situated.

Yesterday, that journey one-way took two and a half hours on its own; today we were back home, business completed, in three hours, because we missed the rush hour.

The man who dealt with us yesterday was cool, but helpful, the one today was ice-cold and almost belligerent. When we were called up, he asked for my wife’s application, scanned the papers and pushed them back saying something like: ‘You don’t have an appointment’.

I began to explain that we had been told the previous day that we didn’t need one, but I stopped when someone behind him said something. He held out his hand and I finished my explanation.

‘That’s why I’m asking for her papers!’ he snapped.

I wanted to say something, but thought better of it. He had two more digs at me, but seemed to be treating my wife courteously, so again, I let it go. In these situations, I like to think that slapping people about when their hands are tied is probably the only form of enjoyment he gets out of life. I can’t see anyone liking the shit for his personality anyway.

We were dealt with quickly and efficiently including taking fingerprints and photographs of my wife. It was the first time she had had to do that and was nervous, so I went to stand near her.

‘Keep back,’ he barked, ‘the applicant only!’

Now, I had guessed that they didn’t need my dabs as I wasn’t applying for a visa, but again, I held my tongue, although that was becoming increasingly difficult.

We had already paid the fee of 2,360 Baht, so my wife was told that they would phone her when she could collect her passport (hopefully, but not guaranteed to be, with a visa).

The call came

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