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I mentioned the roadworks that the council started outside our house yesterday, which was on a Friday (?). That blocked the rear entrance to our house by all but a fifteen-inch earthen ‘bridge’. Well, this morning they came back and enlarged the hole to three metres (the width of the lane) by about thirty metres by about two deep.

Then they went home for the weekend.

There is no fencing, no tape, no alternative planking, just a huge hole that most home-owners would be proud to have as a garden swimming pool. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very well-made hole with smooth sides and a perfectly flat bottom, but why do we have to have it there all weekend?

It is my mother-in-law’s sixty-ninth birthday today and that hole goes around two sides of her house, effectively cutting her off from the guests we had invited for her surprise party tonight.

As many of you know, I come up the lane that is now a hole every afternoon for a few jars of ale at the shop which is about 150 yards from my house, but today I had to walk a mile and a half to get to the same spot. (I don’t even want to think about getting home later on), but I wonder how many people will turn up tonight if they have to make that same detour because of the roadworks.

Despite what I said earlier, I do have to think about how I am going to circumvent those roadworks to get home or to the party, and the only thing I can come up with is to message our daughter in Bangkok, which is 600 km away and ask her to phone her mother to get someone to come and get me on a motorcycle. I don’t have a phone, if you were thinking about that, and I don’t know my wife’s number, not that there are any phone boxes here any more, they were ripped out a few months ago.

All the best.


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