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Vetted by K'Anne Meinel

Vetted – A Review

Vetted by K'Anne Meinel
Vetted by K’Anne Meinel


by K’Anne Meinel

Review by Barry Boy

Vetted by K’Anne Meinel was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

Vetted is a ‘coming-of-age’ novel written in the third person, and set in two main locations in modern America, although there s a definite Karawak ‘Road’ feeling about the story as the main characters migrate from Denver to Oregon to start a new life.

From the beginning of the book, we meet Allyssa, a twenty-year-old younger of two sisters. Despite the fact that her elder sister has already married and left home, she still feels brow-beaten by her, and by her parents who are of the domineering kind.

Allyssa feels that she can’t do anything right, no matter how hard she tries, and she does put in a lot of effort bouncing from job to job to help support herself while at university.

Driving one day to help burn off the frustration caused by yet another conflict with her parents, she hits a dog and takes it to the nearest veterinary surgeon for treatment. This incident is to make fundamental changes to her life, eventually falling for and marrying the vet.

This has further knock-on effects, which lead to Allyssa learning how to shake of the shackles of her previous family life and learning how to play an adult role in the world.

I thought that the cover and title of Vetted are completely appropriate to the story, and it is well-edited; being easily the most professionally put together Indie novel that I have ever read. I also learned a lot from it. I learned that middle-class Americans can also be cold-hearted parents, like their British counterparts, and I learned more about inter-female relationships – to name but two aspects of the book.

I enjoyed Vetted by K’Anne Meinel and recommend it without reservation. Well done, Miss Meinel, full marks.

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