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One Last Lie – A Review

One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman
One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman

One Last Lie – A Review

by Rob Kaufman

Review by Barry Boy

I was given One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman in exchange for an honest review while it was a Special Book of the Day.

In the first chapter of One Last Lie, which is told in the third person, we are introduced to an old man named Jonathan who is dying in hospital. His partner, Philip, had died, or been murdered, thirty-five years before and he has wanted to die too ever since. He is a crotchety person, who loves no-one, and for whom no-one’s best efforts are good enough.

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In the following twenty-two chapters, we are told about his relationship with Philip and some of the things that they got up to. This includes one of Philip’s old college female friends. She was in love with him, despite the fact that she knew that he was gay. The woman, Angela, plays a significant role in the book. She inveigles herself into the two men’s lives and ultimately has a permanent influence upon them.

Other characters enter into the story as it proceeds. We meet Angela, Jonathan and Philip in depth until in the very last few pages we discover the truth behind the title.

The cover of One Last Lie is suitable for the story, which has been very well edited. Basically, the novel is about a gay, middle-class, American couple, the love between them, and how others can abuse it.

One Last Lie

I thoroughly enjoyed One Last Lie. I liked everything about it from the story line to the style, the cover and the title. Rob Kaufman has written and presented One Last Lie very well. The characters are full-bodied, and there are not so many of them that they are difficult to remember. And, what is a bonus to me, descriptions of scenery and people are just enough to be helpful, without becoming intrusive, or seeming like padding.

I give One Last Lie full marks. One Last Lie is my kind of book and I would like to read more by Rob Kaufman.

Keep ’em coming, Rob!

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