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The Devil's Lieutenant

The Devil’s Lieutenant – Review

The Devil's Lieutenant
The Devil’s Lieutenant

The Devil’s Lieutenant

by Suzi Albracht

by Barry Boy

The Devil’s Lieutenant is a novel with a dark story about the Devil’s representatives on Earth as conjured up by Miss Albracht. I found it fascinating.

At first, I had to see the parallels with the ancient German legend of Dr Faust’s pact with the Devil. In return for his soul, Faust is given wishes by the Devil. Mephistopheles helps Faust achieve these goals.

In The Devil’s Lieutenant, Mephistopheles is replaced by Ivanovich, but this is where the stories diverge. Miss Albracht adds her own ingenuity to the original tale, making the story her own.

I found The Devil’s Lieutenant a real page-turner, with plenty of twists, turns and originality to keep me not only interested but fascinated.

It is difficult to talk about Miss Albracht’s treatment of this story without giving away too much, but I did like the twists concerning the serum, and the pills given to one of the main characters by a ‘young girl’.

Miss Albracht’s method of killing immortals is ingenious and ‘believable’.

I recommend The Devil’s Lieutenant to all aficionados of horror, black arts, and fantasy fiction genres.

The story is satisfying as it stands, although it does end rather abruptly, which only gives the reader the hope and expectation that there is a sequel waiting in the wings.

Full marks for The Devil’s Lieutenant and Miss Albracht.

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