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Death Most Wicked

Death Most Wicked
Death Most Wicked

Death Most Wicked

by Suzi Albracht

Review by Barry Boy

Death Most Wicked starts with a valid statement about the human weakness of greed and continues by introducing the reader to various characters, most of whom get killed, some in a way that could be called ceremoniously, until we meet the main character in the novel, Mikail Ruskoff.

Ruskoff is a detective policeman, and one of the cases that lands on his desk concerns one of the ‘ceremonial’ killings. It transpires that these ceremonious killings have to do with a sect that is affiliated with Devil Worship, and several key characters in the novel are mixed up in it.

The problem escalates when friends and family members of Ruskoff are implicated too. In fact, Mikail Ruskoff’s own paternity is also called into question, when he and his mother start to be more honest with each other about their family history, the sect and its local leader.

Eventually, it is a question of who can trust whom, as people are being wiped out all around the main characters in a frenzy of sectarian and probably revenge killings.

Miss Albracht does a wonderful job of building the tension within Death Most Wicked whenever necessary in the novel. I am not sure, but I think that there are at least two novels in this series, but I have not read the other(s) at this point.

The cover is fitting to the storyline, as is the title. In fact, the novel is a very professional package.

I give Death Most Wicked full marks despite a few flaws in the editing, which would not have been picked up by a spelling-checker, and look forward to the sequel(s).

Review of the novel Death Most Wicked by Suzi Albracht for Megan Publishing Services by one of its regular contributors, Barry Boy.

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