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Residence Permit for Spain (final part)

Residence Permit for Spain (final part)

Residence Permit for Spain (final part)
Residence Permit for Spain (final part)

Residence Permit for Spain (final part)

We applied for my wife’s residence permit for Spain on February 14th. 2017, although we had been working on it for a year before that. When we left Thailand in May 2016, the Spanish Embassy had assured us that we had all the paperwork we needed for my wife to obtain her five-year residency card.

So, we set off for Spain. Our tactic was for me to get my residency permit first, as that would be easy for a Brit, and sure enough, I did get mine, although it took eleven weeks. My wife was told that she had the wrong  visa (a visitor’s visa, not one declaring that she was the wife of an EU citizen).

So, we returned to Thailand, spent five months getting the correct papers, translations and visa and came back to Spain in January, as I said above.

The wait has been horrific! There is no more we can do but wait, but in a way, that is the problem. Now, the waiting is almost over. The five-year residence permit, in the form of a bio-metric card will be ready for collection sometime ‘after August 24th.’.

However, the stress that we have been trying so hard not to let each other see is getting to us. I feel really ill and can hardly walk from backache, and my wife has lost ten kilos. She is pretending to be pleased that she has lost the weight, and I’m sure that she is, but I wish that she had lost it through dieting or exercising, not from worry.

She is now insisting that we check the police station for her permit on Tuesday – she cannot wait until Thursday. That proves to me that she is anxious about it, but we will go and look, despite the fact that it is a thirty-minute walk and I don’t know whether I can do it.

Anything to stop this agonising waiting though.

** UPDATE ** My wife received her five-year residency permit on the Tuesday – Whoopee for women’s intuition 🙂

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