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Random Occurrences

Random Occurrences
Random Occurrences

Random Occurrences

I don’t know what I’m going to write about at the moment, but I doubt if any one idea is worthy of an article all to itself, so I have called it random occurrences. Neem wanted to go to one of the nearby villages today to help a friend with the ‘Hundred Days’ of a relative. I should have seen it coming yesterday, when she made me a gallon of stew. That doesn’t happen often, but it always means that I am about to be left to my own devices all day.

By the way, a ‘Hundred Days’ is the last ‘party’ given for the deceased and friends and family. It can go on all day or several days, which is why it is acceptable to move it to the weekend. Today is Saturday – so all the signs were there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being left alone, it is better than having to go as well.

While I was sitting at my desk thinking about the above, Angun, the dog, started barking the bark that means invaders have entered the garden. She is never wrong and she points, but it is not always easy to see what she sees.. I looked, but saw nothing, and being afraid that her barking would upset the neighbours and get her poisoned, I reluctantly shouted at her to shut up, despite the fact that she was only doing her job.

An hour later, staring out of the window hoping for inspiration, I saw what had upset her. It was the baby Clouded Monitor sunbathing on our garden wall not ten feet from my window. I managed to get a photo, but it is poor. {Look in the red box). Try clicking on it and it may get a lot bigger – I think it depends on your browser. The animal is within the rd box in the centre of the picture.

I’m glad it’s still alive, I wasn’t sure.

You can also clearly see the haircut our garden got the other day. Before that, I wasn’t even able to see next door’s!

I am now at a friend’s writing this to you, overlooking an eight hundred by four hundred metre lake that they keep for breeding fish for their own table, and I’m going to post this article over the free, unprotected WiFi coming from the police outpost thirty metres away.

I would like to wish my friend Murray a very happy eightieth birthday from my wife and me.

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