Publication of Asian Shorts

Publication of Asian Shorts

The day has dawned for publication. I’ve read through the whole manuscript for the fifth or sixth time, attached the authors’ contact details, assigned page numbers, formatted it and written the blurb for the back cover. I had designed the front cover last month, so ‘Asian Shorts’ will be submitted to Kindle, CreateSpace, Smashwords, XinXii, Lulu and Kobo after I’ve had my late afternoon break. Permission for publication is usually granted within twelve hours.

So, if you are reading this on or after June 19th. our publication is almost certainly out there waiting for you in any format you like.

A little about the contents, for those of you who have never heard of ‘Asian Shorts’ before. It is the product of ten authors and a neighbour, the girl on the cover. Her name is Wao, which is quite apt. Anyway, she donated her photo, just as the authors donated the use of their stories for publication. All rights to the photo and the individual stories remain with those who created them.

There are twenty stories and the stipulation for inclusion was that they had to be about Asia or Asians. The cost of an ebook will initially be $0.99 and then $1.99, but will later rise to $2.99 if we add more stories.

I would like to remind you here, that if you buy the ebook now, you will be automatically entitled to all future updates free of charge. So, you have nothing to lose by getting the publication while it is smaller yet also cheaper.

Please support the authors who have made an effort to bring you this unique insight into life in Asia for such a low price. The next link will take you to a page on this blog where you can read the book cover and travel over to Amazon.

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