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Thais are pretty superstitious, perhaps even more so in the countryside than in the cities like in all countries in our village, people are always looking for phenomena to use as premonitions or explanations after an event.

The owner of the shop where I have a beer and write to you every day couldn’t find her dog three days ago. Because of my lack of ability to speak Thai well, I have to choose carefully what I say, so I suggested that he had found a girlfriend. ‘No, not this time,’ she replied sadly, he’s dead or dying… maybe someone’s poisoning him’.

I told my wife today and she said that Milo, the dog, had been seen at her mother’s house two days before, so I gave Jem, the shopkeeper, the news.

‘Oh, Owen,’ she wailed. ‘I watched him running down the road towards me this morning, his little tail wagging, as if he was coming back from an adventure and a speeding car ran right over him. He’s dead. I just finished burying him in the garden. I knew i wouldn’t see him alive again’.

I didn’t like to point out that she had in fact seen him alive for a few moments; the time didn’t seem right.

However, she was almost right, and the incident will probably go down as one of her more accurate premonitions.

I am waiting for the results of the state lottery though, because many people said that they were going to use my recent birthday to predict the winning lottery number. I didn’t do it, but don’t know whether Neem did. The results should be out by now – just after four.

The two numbers on the illegal lottery were: 40 and 473, so my age of 61 didn’t help anyone.

I don’t know about premonitions, but yesterday my daughter offered to translate my paranormal series of twenty-one novellas on Megan, a psychic teenager into Thai and get them placed in Asia Books, Thailand’s biggest chain of bookshops. She’s pretty certain that being in university will guarantee that the bookstore’s management will at least give her an interview, and if she gets that far, I predict that she’ll pull it off.

And that series was written with superstitious Thailand half in mind.

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