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Become a patron with Patreon

Patreon – What’s That All About?

Become my patron with Patreon
Become a patron of The Arts with Patreon!

Patreon – What’s That All About?

Put simply, Patreon is a way for an artist – in my case, a writer – to keep in touch with his or her most avid fans and receive patronage (sponsorship) for his time. Conversely, it is place where fans can have a closer relationship with their favourite artists for a small fee (in recognition of the fact that an artist has to make a living too).

So, basically, in this post, I am asking you how much you would like to become involved?

Levels of Patronage

I have four levels of patronage: $2, $5, $50 and $100 per month sort of like on standing order, but very easy to cancel (or increase) wherever you like via the Patreon website.

The benefits for me are twofold: 1) increased communication and feedback from the people who care about my work, and 2) the funding to be able to make that communication possible. The benefits for patrons rise with the level of donation, but include increased access to me and my work; increased participation in the creative process; acknowledgement in my novels and much more. Follow the link at the end of this piece to find out the full details.

You may be wondering what I intend to do with the extra money. Well, it’s a fair question.

I have set goals on my Patreon webpage, but the main one for now is to upgrade some of my existing book covers, starting with the series Behind The Smile. Poor Lek looks as if she’s on a wanted poster. I have wanted to get a professional designer in for years, but have never been able to afford it.

You could help there and always know that you were behind the cover change on this very popular series!

So, the ball’s in your court… would you like to be my patron and officially become a Patron of The Arts? I think that donations such as these are even tax-deductible in many countries.

Go on, check out the details, it’s the least you can do ?

Visit Patreon by clicking here

All the best,


Podcast: Patreon – What’s That All About?

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