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Open Apology

Open Apology
Open Apology

Open Apology

To all my friends, colleagues and family, I’m sorry that I was not around over Christmas and the New Year to receive and return your best wishes, if you sent any.

Neem feels the same, but this is the hardest thing that we have ever had to face together.

Neem and I are battling over her visa to stay in Spain with me. As the legitimate spouse of an EU national, it is her right to be able to move freely about Europe with me, and as an EU citizen, it is my right to be able to have my wife with me, but it seems that the Law and how it is interpreted are two completely different things.

Spain interprets a ‘long-standing, meaningful relationship’ to mean marriage, although that is not what the directive states (EU Directive 38). However, we have been married for eight years and they are still making it difficult for us.

What sort of a kick do they get out of that, eh?

So, we have been concentrating on Neem’s visa and the ‘festive season’ has passed us by.

Just recently, I ‘heard’ my computer’s first death rattle… Or rather saw it, in the Blue Screen of Death. It has happened twice now, and it will soon give up the ghost… just when I need it the most and have the least money to buy a new one (I need to keep a minimum in the bank to ‘ensure’ Neem’s visa).

We will get there, by the Grace of God, but my manners have suffered while doing my bit too.

So, sorry once again, but we did wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in our hearts 🙂

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All the best,


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