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My New Book Covers

The new book cover of AN EXCITING FUTURE volume 2 in the series BEHIND THE SMILE
My New Book Covers

Showing off your books…

I feel that I have already written too much of late about my new book covers, but it is a very important strategy in my plans for the future

I have quite a few books, but most of them were written years ago and the covers are stale. So, they need replacing. There is no argument about that. However, at what pace?

Obviously, cost is a constraint. People say that the benefits that the new covers will bring in… increased revenue… will pay for future investment. However, it doesn’t always work like that. Returns can be slower than hoped for.

Unexpected Results of Cover Changes

This can be because old customers don’t recognise the new covers or series formats. The benefits of change can be slow to accrue. Slower than hoped for, or expected anyway.

One thing that keeps me hopeful though is that I receive compliments on my new book covers several times a week, and mostly from people I don’t know.

That is encouraging, because even using the best cover design company in the world, it is a big step to rebrand… expensive too.

The company that I use allows an infinite number of remakes, but, which is perfect for the novice, even if a little embarrassing. It is far better to have thought about what information you want your new book cover to display beforehand. My tip is get a book off your shelf that is ‘similar’ to yours, ie if yours is in a series use one from a series as an example to copy.

My New Book Covers Checklist

So, my checklist for book cover design is: you will need the book title and your name for a start. Other options include: a subtitle, a series name, the number of the book in the series, and collaborators. Then on the back cover: a description or blurb, an author bio (and photo?), the title(s) (again?), and the cover designer. All the while remembering that you will need to leave enough room for the barcode.

Check out where I buy my new book covers on this link:

My New Book Covers

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