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Tiger Lily of Bangkok

Tiger Lily of Bangkok

Tiger Lily of Bangkok


Tiger Lily of Bangkok

Lily was born of Chinese-Thai parents in a small village in Isaan in eastern Thailand near the Mekong River. She had had a very happy, although solitary childhood as the only child of shopkeepers, until a family friend, whom she called ‘uncle’, began abusing her at the tender and very impressionable age of eleven.

She did not know what to do about the abuse metered out to her in her parents’ own home. She was too ashamed to tell her mother or father what their friend was doing or making her do, and she was fearful of the threats that he said he would carry out if she did tell anyone.

So, Lily put up with the situation for two years until one day, a chance occurrence in the school playground gave her an idea, an idea that no child of thirteen should ever have. However, the extreme nature of her solution to her predicament put an end to the abuse, but it also changed the lives of all those concerned for ever.

It was also to have consequences for the whole, literally, the whole of Bangkok society eight years later, when Lily was still feeling the aftershock of those terrible events inflicted upon her by her so-called uncle.

Lily moved to Bangkok to study at medical school using the compensation money that she received from her ‘uncle’ to fund her education, the only good thing that came out of the whole sorry episode, but Lily realised that the nest egg, that she thought was a fortune in the village, would not be enough to support her throughout her university education.

Typically of Lily, she foun a rather unconventional solution to that predicament too, but it led to her discovering a seamier side of life that she had been trying hard to forget existed.

Lily gets sucked into it until she can take no more.

She exploded with a violence that belies her small stature and baby-faced appearance and people from every strata of society begin dying all over Bangkok. At the height of the terror and confusion, no-one knows how many more corpses will be discovered.

All of them men, only men and some of them mutilated in some small but significant way.

There was a pattern to the murders, but one which was not immediately discernable because some of the bodies lay undiscovered for weeks and others for days.

The scale of the crime became apparent in one short week when the son of a rich merchant was found dead in the flat that he used to take his conquests to.

The unknown assailant, man or woman, became Bangkok’s most talked about and feared serial killer since the notorious cannibal Si Ouey Sae Urng sixty years before.

The press dubbed the serial killer ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’ because a Tiger Lily had been found at the scene of each crime.

This is the story of ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’, judge for yourself.

‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’ was Owen Jones’ entry into the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ (NaNoWriMo) 2013 Challenge and will be available very soon as it is still being edited.

‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’ was Owen Jones‘ entry into the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ (NaNoWriMo) 2013 Challenge and will be available very soon as it is still being edited.

The book’s website with more details is here:

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