Marketing for Small Businesses


Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks

Everyone who wants to sell anything knows that they have to let people know that they have something to sell. This is just as true for a trades person selling his or her labour as it is for a shop-keeper or a manufacturer with his or her wares.

However there is at least one very important difference: the shop-keeper has more free time indoors than a trades person. A shop-keeper can read up or learn about marketing, promotion and advertising at his or her desk with a cup of coffee when they are slack, but the tradesman has to do that when he gets home after a long day at work.

Another thing is that it is obvious that a shop-keeper has to advertise and he has big windows to do it in, whereas the tradesman has only a van and the local newspaper, which are available to the shop-keeper too.

Therefore, if the tradesman – the self-employed plumber, electrician, carpenter, bricklayer or decorator wants to get more work, he has to learn to do better than just put a box ad in bold in the local paper, where everyone else who does not know how to promote themselves puts their ads.

This book, ‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ was written for those people, the ones who have never learned self-promotion and who don’t have time to learn it now.

‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ gives you one thing to do every week until you have a fully integrated on and off line advertising machine bringing you in plenty of work.

That it not to say that ‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ will only work for people who sell their labour, because it will also work for teachers looking for private students, piano teachers, authors, self-employed book-keepers and shop-keepers.

‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ should be seen as a course, which you can follow at the speed of one lesson a week or two or three. However, it is not recommended that you take the course too quickly.

Most lessons have tasks that the budding marketer should understand and implement before moving on to the next part. Having said that, improvements in ‘sales’ should be noticed as each lesson is put into practise.

Once you have finished the course, or even a lesson, ‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ can be used as a manual for reference purposes, so that you never need to read the book from cover to cover again.

There is one exciting secret in the book that I will let you into, before you buy ‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’, it will turn each and every one of its students into a recognised specialist in his or her field with books in his or name to prove it.

‘Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks’ shows you how to do all that and the books that you write will just be a side line that you will have written anyway, I promise you.

  Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-sized Chunks