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How to ... booksBooks on how to do specific things have been popular for many decades and nothing has changed just because books have gone electronic. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Decades ago, ‘how to … books’ were available from the classified ads in the papers and magazines, whereas nowadays they can be downloaded without extra postage and package charges.

The ‘how to … books’ that were so popular fifty, sixty and seventy years ago are just as popular now. Books like ‘How to Clean Yellow Teeth’, ‘How to Get Rid of Bad Breath’, ‘How to Cure Smelly Feet’… that sort of thing.

Megan Publishing has created more than one hundred ‘How to … books’, but they were really prepared as ‘private label rights’, PLR, for other webmasters and owners of newsletters to use as a launch pad to creating their own articles.

Each book is on a niche subject and contains at least fifteen five-hundred word articles. Topics include such titles as ‘How to Lower Cholesterol Through Dieting’, “How To Build a Garden Pond’ and ‘How to Look After Koi Carp’.

You can find these PRL basis niche books at

Now we are converting the best of these books into larger, non-PLR products. The first of these is ‘How To Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life, and Make Him Love You for It’. I am currently looking to write the second one, perhaps on sustainable energy or garden maintenance or koi carp 🙂

My mistake when compiling my PLR books was not to research the market, so if you want to enter the lucrative sector of ‘how to … books’, make sure that you write something that people want to read. This obviously means plenty of research.

There are tools that can help you to do your research into the most popular niches, the most popular sizes (number of words) and prices. However, you do not need to to buy anything, Amazon gives you all the help that you need.

The only problem is that doing in this way takes a lot of time, whereas you can virtually automate the process. This is the route that I have taken. If you want to see how the software that I use works, I can show you a free video,  just click the link below.

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