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Dead Centre II – Bangkok

Dead Centre II
Dead Centre II

Dead Centre II – Bangkok

Four exceedingly large explosions destroy two important institutions in Bangkok without warning. Everybody in both buildings is killed, but none of the likely candidates claims responsibility.

The British and American governments have an interest and the Royal Thai Police Force begins its own investigations, but they all show scant regard for each other’s inquiries. Cooperation is minimal.

This means that the British have to get a team on the spot in Bangkok… a team that is experienced enough to get the job done with hardly any assistance, since they have no-one available. A team skilled in the use of unconventional methods.

As the top brass is wondering how they are going to tackle this awkward situation, a member of the SAS, one of Britain’s most elite fighting units, remembers seeing Gareg, Bob and Dave in an old-fashioned teak hotel on Koh Samui on his way back from a mission, so James Young, a top agent from MI6 is sent to investigate.

This is a fast-moving thriller set in Bangkok, Koh Samui and the Thai-Malaysian rainforests in Thailand’s troubled south, reviving memories of the Irish Question and Separatism in the Seventies and Eighties.

It is not necessary to have read Dead Centre I to enjoy this novel, since the storylines are capable of standing alone, but some of the central characters will already be known to readers of the books in their correct order, which should enhance their enjoyment.

Dead Centre I and Dead Centre II exist in both ebook and paperback formats and can be purchased either from Amazon, Kindle or direct from the printer, CreateSpace, which is the cheapest way of obtaining a paper copy, especially if you live in the United States or require a (mixed) bulk order for sale in a shop.

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