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Dead Centre – Modern Terrorism

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Dead Centre – Modern Terrorism

When a bomb goes off in Scheherazade’s, a posh department store in Baghdad, leaving nearly 200 people dead or wounded, the authorities and the police think that it is just another routine case of it’s type and appoint Captain Ali Allawi of the National Police to head the investigation. Little does he realise that he is dealing with an unheard of, but feared modern terrorism.

He has no clues to go on and no organisation claims responsibility, but one sharp-eyed member of his team notices something on the CCTV surveillance footage that is unusual – baffling even.

Then they notice other discrepancies that lead Captain Allawi to suspect that they are facing a new, unimaginable type of threat.

However, none of these clues make sense.

He seeks help from Interpol, but they do not seem to have any other cases with data matching his, so he puts up a flag on the Interpol database that he wants to be informed of any bombings with criteria matching those of his – that is that the suicide-bomber is Caucasian.

Two more come in rapid succession: one in France and one in Ireland. Captain Allawi and his team study the footage and think that they have found a relationship between the three atrocities and so the three police forces start working togeether to track down the perpetrators.

However, three more occur in the USA, London and Germany, and so then there are six police forces working on the matter.

The implications of this form of modern terrorism are unthinkable. They also appear to be unpredictable and so, unstoppable.

Ali Allawi’s gut feelings tell him that he is on the trail of a new phenomenon of modern terrorism, but there is just so little information to go on despite the six occurrences.

The fact is that there is an agency called ‘Dead Centre’ run by two ex-SAS Welshmen living in Pembroke, West Wales, from where they run their organisation. They make millions and employ other ex-SAS to help them on an ad hoc basis.

This is the story of how six police forces from around the world combine their skills and join both with China, the nation with the greatest hackers on Earth, and the legendary SAS, to try to defeat this new, devastatingly successful form of modern terrorism.

It is a truly international story that takes the reader to Baghdad, Marseille, Essen, Belfast, New York and London, Wales and Thailand.

Follow how the six operations are planned and carried out and how the six police forces and the SAS work to uncover and stop the people behind the bombings, piecing it together bit by painstaking bit.

This is an exciting story that will have you on the edge of your seat and make you think again about many aspects of criminality that you have taken for granted.

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by +Owen Jones

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