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Lady in the Tree

The Lady in the Tree
The Lady in the Tree

The Lady in The Tree

The Lady in the Tree continues straight on from book three Maya – Illusion. Lek is still in business with her old friend Ayr and they mean business as well, especially when rivals from nearby try to intimidate them.

The two friends come up with a daring solution, which they can’t even discuss with their friends, family or husbands.

Soom is still at university in Bangkok and doing well in spite of having problems of her own, let alone looming final exams, which political upheaval in the capital threatens to disrupt.

Craig continues to write, but he realises all of a sudden that he has bigger problems than finishing and selling his books.

An old friend and an old lady give the three women some remarkably similar and accurate advice, but where will it get them?

Read the story of The Lady in the Tree to find out.

The Lady in the Tree can be read as a complete novel in its own right, but it is the fourth in the series called ‘Behind The Smile – The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya’.

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[simpleazon-link asin=”B00MT75RGE” locale=”us”]The Lady in the Tree: The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya (Behind The Smile Book 4)[/simpleazon-link]

by +Owen Jones

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