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Asian Shorts

The book cover of the anthology 'Asian Shorts'. Also an audiobook.
Asian Shorts

An anthology of nineteen short stories by nine authors

Asian Shorts came about because of a sequence of events on one weekend in May 2015. A friend was telling me that he had several short stories withSouth-east Asia as a backdrop, I was saying that I had a few as well, another friend sent me an email that he wanted to write a short on Pattaya, and one of my Thai cousins sent me her latest photo, the one on the cover of this book. It was like somebody was trying to tell me something, or several were anyway.

Asian Shorts

So, we all had a chat about it and decided to create an anthology. Nine people expressed an interest to participate in Asian Shorts, and we produced nineteen short stories. The only stipulation was that the stories must have an Asian as the lead character, or that the story be set in Asia.

The Authors

In conclusion, I just want to say a few words about the authors. We all have different levels of skill and preference for genre. In fact, two of the writers had never written anything previously. Let’s see if you can work out who they are. However, we all did our best on Asia Shorts, and we hope that you like it.

Asian Shorts is available in all formats and from most bookshops including Tektime Please click your preference:

E-BOOK – ISBN: 9788835435518 : AUDIOBOOK – ISBN: 9788835434627

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