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Moving Again

Moving Again
Moving Again

Moving Again

Circumstances have forced us to move again! That will be five different places in less than six months in Fuengirola! It is becoming tedious, but let’s hope that this will be our last move for the foreseeable future.

We have had to move again because the rent where we are now will rise to 2,000€ a month in July (and 2,500€ in August), but also because we can’t register with the council if the contract on our apartment is for less than six months, and no registration means no right to residency for my wife, meaning that she would be deported in a few weeks.

Getting a residency permit for a spouse from outside Europe is so difficult… far too difficult, unless you have money. It seems that you are only allowed to marry the one you love if you can afford it. Poor people are supposed to choose domestic spouses, foreign ones are only for the wealthy!

One law for them and another one for us…

Yet, when I tell people this, there are very, very few who are aware of the problem. Most people think that you can just take your beloved home. Unfortunately, that is very far from the truth for most people. The government’s response is that you have to be earning at least the average wage, about £25,000, to be able to bring your spouse into Britain to live with you, but we all know that most people earn far less than £25k!

It is a fantasy figure, conjured up to make successive governments look good. Try cutting out everyone who earns more than £50,000 or even £75,000 a year. What would the average be then? £15,000? £16,000?

Most people would not qualify, that is for sure!

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