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Miserable Sods

Miserable Sods
Miserable Sods

Miserable Sods

I have received a few snide remarks from some miserable sods concerning the designation of the revenue from ‘Asian Shorts’, well, let me tell you miserable sods a true story.

Many members of my family give £5 a month to help ‘an unfortunate, Third World child’. I can think of at least four at the moment, so that is a total donation of about £200 a year, of which about £50 gets to the person it is intended for.

Now, here’s a fact, like it or not, but £50 a year does not go very far at all, even in a Third World country, whether you are trying to feed, clothe a child or send it to university. £120 a weekly is a lot closer to the mark for a decent education. For four years, and I have tried to make that by writing books as I have no other source of income and may not work here.

Likewise, my wife may not join me in the UK, if I went home to live, because the stupid rule now is that you need an income of £18,000 per annum to support a spouse. So we are well and truly stuck.

All you, miserable sods, you holier-than-thou critics, can stick that in your pipes and smoke it, and perhaps try to mind your own business.

I feel better after saying that. Anyway, it’s a degree less today at forty-five Celsius, but it’s hard to tell the difference and still no signs of the monsoon that is doubtless on its way to reduce the temperature by ten degrees. I thought I’d seen signs of it a few days ago, but there you are, I’m a falang (white foreigner), so what do I know?

We have two days off from Gail, as the other grandmother wanted to have her. Usually, she comes back confused by the change of routines (I suppose), but it gives my wife a break and a chance to catch up on the things she no longer seems to have time for – mainly socialising and the garden, I think, but she misses Gail all the same.

More promises for ‘Asian Shorts’, but no more deliveries as yet.

Perhaps tomorrow, but as my wife is fond of singing, ‘Tomorrow never comes’, she has never noticed the fist two words of the line, and I have never pointed them out to her, since her version seems apt too.

All the best,


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