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Mental Cruelty

Mental Cruelty
Mental Cruelty

Mental Cruelty

I have turned my attention away from ‘Asian Shorts’ temporarily, because it is ‘out there’ already and my novel isn’t. Not only that but 2,000-odd links on my websites will stop working on July 15th. thanks to Amazon and that would be a catastrophe. I have to start tackling that problem tomorrow. Mental cruelty though I consider it to be.

This morning, I was putting my submission package together looking for representation for the new novel, when I realised that the publishing industry considers it slightly too short for its genre – about three thousand words. I had never thought about matching expected novel length to genre before. You learn something every day, don’t you?

If you’re lucky you do, I suppose.

I think my next novel will be sixth in the Behind The Smile series and I’ll probably call it a day then. That will make the story a combined 675,000 words long and most stories are only about 75,000 words. I put nine books into six, so that has to be good value, doesn’t it?

You can read more about this popular series here:

Going back to ‘Asian Shorts’, I would like to enter it onto some websites that specialise in promoting temporarily low cost books, does anyone know of any? I have never tried that particular form of promotion before.

I don’t seem to be able to concentrate today, I feel a bit snowed under and it is so hot too. A strange metaphor to pick when it is so hot 🙂 but I really am not looking forward to having to change over two thousand links – it’s a nightmare of boredom for someone like me who thinks that having to rewrite a Tweet is mental cruelty. Two thousand links! That’s more than mental cruelty, especially when it forced upon-you by another.

Well, that’s it for today, I can’t bring myself to bore you any longer.

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