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Mariscal and Abogados

Mariscal y Abogados
Mariscal and Abogados

Mariscal and Abogados

Mariscal and Abogados phoned me today, or to say it correctly, Mariscal y Abogados, since I am in Spain. By the way, ‘mariscal’ means ‘marshal’ and ‘abogados’ means ‘solicitors’ (‘y’ is Spanish for ‘and’). Anyway, I had been looking on line for advice on Spanish employment law, came across the above named firm and left them a message.

Rogue Employers

You see, I suspect that my wife’s ex-employer has been taking advantage of her. This would be easily done since she is Thai and I am British and neither of us know anything about the law here.

I suspect that many unscrupulous employers take advantage of foreign workers because they don’t know the law, don’t have money to use the law and or are frightened to cause a stir.

However, I am European, if not Spanish, and have a sense of what is an what is not legal in Europe.

My suspicions were aroused when it took six weeks to get her contract of employment, and it expired days after she received it. She was never told how much or when she would be paid either.

You can think that you would not have started work under those conditions, but we were desperate… on our bones.

It was when they kept her on for another month and paid her in dribs and drabs that I went on line.

Mariscal and Abogados

I found Mariscal y Abogados, an international company of lawyers, and there was a free questions and answers facility. I entered my story and thought nothing more about it.

Then today, I got that call.

A very pleasant young man, who spoke perfect English, talked me through my concerns and recommended a course of action. He even agreed to call me back later to see whether my wife had been laid off correctly.

He put my mind at ease with helpful advice, and I am very grateful for that. It can be overwhelming being a foreigner.

Anyway, if you have a problem and cannot see a way out, you could do a lot worse than speak to Mariscal y Abogados.

By the way, this is a completely voluntary account of my experience with Mariscal and Abogados

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