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If buying books is a luxury, which it probably is, then the USA is doing far better than the UK, no matter what Cameron says. For the last six months, Americans have been buying more of my books every month and Brits fewer. Now, in June 2015, American sales of my books are at an all-time (3 year) high and British sales are at a twelve-month low. Other than that, June was pretty poor anyway. Does that ring true with your view of the consumption of luxury goods, whatever you perceive them to be?

Since I last said that I was going to send my latest novel to a few agents, I have edited it and re- edited it at least three times, and tomorrow I will be ready to send it off, so please wish me luck.

The jungle telegraph told my wife today that two falang (Thai for Caucasians) had been seen walking around the village. I met them this evening, Frank and his son. He’s been coming here for about as long as iI have lived here, eleven years and his brother had a house in the village about twenty years ago.

I wonder why they didn’t just tell Neem that Frank was back over? It’s strange here sometimes.

The funeral is still going on. I love the music and the singing. This one is a special wake, because they seem to have live singers and musicians, not just CD’s like most families. It’s a luxury do. I have stayed in the pub/shop an hour later for the last four nights partly out of respect and partly because I love the music and singing.

Neem and two of her friends massacred the flowers, bushes and trees in our garden three days ago. It is the most brutal form of pruning I’ve ever seen and she carries it out every couple of years, as far as I can remember, but today, after only three days, there are green shoots and leaves everywhere.

Thailand, or at least where we live, is so fertile it’s quite unbelievable to a man from South Wales.

It’s a luxury that we don’t enjoy back in Wales.

All the best.


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