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Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews

Hello, could you begin by telling us your name, how we can reach you and where you come from, please?

Name : Lucy Andrews

Social Media :

Country: England

Do you prefer to read a particular genre? :

Yes, I usually read either historical or science fiction novels. When I read a book, I want to be transported out of normal daily life to places I’ve never been to.

Do you write in the same genre? :

My first novel is science fiction. I decided to write the sort of book that I would want to read. I realised that if I set my novel in the future, there would be no constraint on the sort of society I could put my characters in. I could create a whole world and a different way of living unlike contemporary society and take my characters to unusual places and situations. I wanted to create a world that would stretch the imagination and pose questions about the way people live, the things they do and why. Science fiction enables the author more freedom to do this than setting a book in the past or present.

Have you always written and what got you started professionally? :

I’ve always wanted to write a novel but never had the time until recently. I’ve had a busy career and first tried my hand at writing short stories for women’s magazines several years ago. I wasn’t very successful, primarily because women’s fiction isn’t a genre I particularly enjoy. I eventually woke up to the fact that what I really wanted to write was science fiction which I hadn’t tried before. As I was still working it took me some time to write my first novel and it is only within the last year that I’ve been able to give up the “day job” to focus on writing.

How many books have you published? :

Crater’s Edge is my first novel.

Why did you write Crater’s Edge and what is it about? :

I wanted to write an exciting adventure story that readers would enjoy on one level, but at the same time the book explores serious issues on a deeper level. The story is set in 2235 on a planet that is being colonised. As there is restricted space, the characters live in two different time zones. My main characters are an engineer, Kalen and a geologist, Sera. Kalen’s job is to trouble-shoot mining problems, but when he is sent to the new construction site at Three-Craters, things begin to unravel. All is not as it seems. Kalen’s search for the truth about the problems on the site, end up taking him on a dangerous journey. The book explores love, betrayal and treason. Kalen has a hard time! By the end of the book, everything is revealed, but I’ve tried to keep the reader guessing.

Crater’s Edge by Lucy Andrews

ISBN – 10 162526674X (UK); ISBN – 13 978-1625266743 (US); ASIN – B07771GBBN

What would you like your next book to be on? :

I’m writing a sequel to Crater’s Edge. Although Crater’s Edge is complete in itself, I thought it would be fun to take the story to the next level. Things are going to get pretty nasty for my characters. I’ve got a great storyline and I’ve dreamt up some very frightening challenges for them.

If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why? :

I would like to experience weightlessness, so I could feel something akin to being able to fly. A closer view of the Milky Way would be wonderful.

Is there anything you can share about yourself or your work that not many people know? :

I spent many summer weekends for over ten years playing a musketeer and can load and fire a 17th century match-lock musket in under 30 seconds. That is a reproduction musket not an original one!

What is your favourite foreign food? :

I love Thai Pad Si-Ew

Thank you, Lucy Andrews for sharing that information with us.

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