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Logging In Conspiracy

Logging In Conspiracy
Logging In Conspiracy

Logging In Conspiracy

Has anyone else noticed how high the bar has been raised in order to sign up and log into an application these days? Logging in was a simple question of typing in two words a few years ago, but nowadays, I am constantly being asked to complicate my log in.

At first, anything would do, then it went to minimum five characters. Soon thereafter, seven and nine. I know some now that require thirteen!

Thirteen is bad enough, but my host wants a mixture of alphanumeric, with capitals and signs (+ – ? etc). How on Earth are we expected to remember ten of them?!

The fact is that we are not expected to, which I suppose is why some sod recently smuggled an app called Dropline onto my machine. I immediately deleted it and will never use it as long as I have a hole in my face!

However, it has come to something when you need a programme (or paper and pencil) to remember your logging in details, hasn’t it?

I am not usually a supporter of conspiracy theories, but I have noticed that every website now offers the alternative of logging in with Facebook and others.

How do you feel about that?

The fact is that every time you use a third-party to log in, that company is tracking your behaviour on line, isn’t it?

In fact, even more than that, you are asking Facebook’s permission to allow you access to where you want to go.

Then you have to ask yourself whether Facebook and these other companies can be trusted with such data. This is where my knowledge stops, but they have worked with foreign governments, so why not with western intelligence agencies as well.

Or to be honest, I don’t care if they do, but they are surely selling your logging in data to advertisers and companies.

Making passwords so difficult to remember, treating us all like conglomerates, is a way of encouraging us to click Facebook for an easy log in and thereby giving them more data with which to make money and spam us.

How do you feel about having to ask Facebook’s permission to surf the Internet?

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