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Liars, Lies and Lying

Liars, Lies and Lying

Liars, Lies and Lying
Liars, Lies and Lying

Liars, Lies and Lying

Most liars are stupid people, because they assume that everyone is stupid enough to believe them. However, they forget at least two things:
1) people are pretty good at sussing them out
2) people are more cautious with people they have caught lying before, and most liars are serial liars.

People constantly lying are eventually isolated and ostracized.

Professional Liars

However, there are a few categories of professional liars and at the top of the list from a life-long experience has to be politicians. They usually hire even more professional liars to help them analyse the best way to couch their lies, so that they will be difficult to detect. This group includes spin doctors, PR and media consultants.

If you want to get an idea of how much you are being lied to, check out how important these guys are to a politician or his/her party.

Company Liars

Companies also use professional lying emplyees to make sure that their brands appear in the best light possible. You may think that there is nothing wrong with that, but most people expect to be told the truth, although most expect it less and less with age.

Used-car salesmen are not even in the same class. They are mostly very intelligent people who have to make up their patter on the hoof. They don’t have a team of pro’s to help them with their speeches.

The third most important category is cheating spouses and addicts. They can be very inventive, but they always get caught out in the end, just like the politician and the used-car salesman.

It might seem obvious to us, but they have been getting away with it for ever, if you translate the word car into house, chariot, horse or gemstone.

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