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Our Last Night in Thailand

Our Last Night in Thailand
Our Last Night in Thailand

Our Last Night in Thailand.

I have lived in Thailand for thirteen years, so I should have known better, but I had thought that there would be some sort of a fuss made. After all, I have made it clear that I will probably never come back, and that my wife may not make it back for a couple of years.
Our Last Night in Thailand looks as if it will be me sitting alone in a shop drinking beer, my wife out shopping with her daughter and the rest of the household sleeping.
They do work hard though on shifts at local factories and offices, but still… it is our last night in Thailand, and I had expected more.
That was stupid of me though, because Thais rarely say ‘Goodbye’. At our wedding party, 120 Thais slipped away into the night without saying a word. The only ones who did were the Canadian and the Irishman.
It’s a funny thing though, because if I do it to them, they ask what the matter is. My wife didn’t believe me when I explained my theory to her, but to prove my point, I left a family party without saying ‘Good night’ once, and apparently, the topic of conversation for the next ten minutes was what had upset me.
I don’t mean to say anything by this, it is just an observation.
Perhaps it is because my Thai family are villagers, and so they know that they will see each other again soon, but I lived in that village for thirteen years too, so why didn’t they grant me the same privilege?
It is not important, but it is one of the unexplained mysteries about Thailand that I will take to Europe with me tomorrow, probably never to be resolved.
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