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Using Keywords to Attract Interested Visitors

Using Keywords to Attract Interested VisitorsNo Reply

Using Keywords to Attract Interested Visitors

As you progress with the establishment of your blog or website, one of the main things that you need to keep an eye on is using keywords to attract interested visitors. This is a major part of white-hat SEO, and it means using relevant keywords in your content to attract visitors who are interested in items that those keywords attract.


The first thing you have to do, of course, is determine which keywords are relevant to your site. If you started out right, you will have targeted your blog to a niche audience, but still you can be surprised at what words they use to find you. In order to discover these relevant words, you will need access to your logs, which most hosts provide through cPanel.

My logs revealed today, the end of the month, that the most popular words used to find this site were: digital-text, thriller, publishing, Asus 541UV, Amazon, publisher and books.

This doesn’t really surprise me since this blog, Megan Publishing Services, is a site for readers and writers, and I have written many articles on publishing, publishers, and Amazon on my new laptop, an Asus 541UV. Not only that, but I write books, some of which are thrillers, but all of which are in digital-text.

I try to highlight the main relevant words used to find my blog every month, and I hope that this article has provided a good example of how that that may be done.

If you study this article, you will find that I have managed to insert the most relevant words used to find my site last month at least twice into this piece, thus increasing the density of those words on it, so that search engines will register me more highly for them.

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